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Are you guys looking for bands to add to your roster?
At the current time, we're not actively seeking artists. If you really feel that you have something goin' on, feel free to send us a presskit and demo, but to be honest, we get swamped with a ton of demos so we rarely get to them. We do listen to a few on occasion, but they're pretty bad. If we're interested, we'll call you, please do not call us.

Do you guys work with colleges and universities?
Yep, in fact we're members of NACA and are highly interested in working with college students. One of our staff members even got her start in the music industry by being on her school's programming board.

Can I get a presskit for the artists you represent?
Yes, if you're interested in booking our acts, please email Michelle at with your mailing address and she'll send one out. Serious inquiries only, please.

Where are you guys located?
Our offices are in the Washington, DC area and in New York City. Our artists are mostly from the East Coast, with the exception of Martin Luther (California), Capleton (Jamaica), Black Twang (UK).

Are you looking for an intern?
Not at the moment, but when we are, we'll have that information posted.

I have a question that isn't in the FAQ, who could I contact?
Email Michelle at and she can probably answer your question.

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