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The Ratchet Boys
The Ratchet Boys
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Look out for Washington, DC's very own donut throwing ska band! The Ratchet Boys are a 10-piece ska band that has been tearin' up the local ska scene in Washington, DC since 1997. Originally known as the Skanker Sores with roots from the DC suburb of Gaithersburg, Maryland. They changed their name to the Ratchet Boys in 1999. They now include members from the Unidentified and the Nogoodniks; and are sometimes joined by Ely Rodriguez of the Skunks and Eastern Standard Time fame.

Influenced by bands such as Madness, Bad Manners, and the Selecter, the Ratchet Boys bring to the crowd "Two Tone inspired ska with 'throaty' vocals." In addition to their catchy tunes like "Blue Balls" and "Satan Express", their crazy stage antics and donut throwing keep audiences coming back for more. The Ratchet Boys regularly play in the DC Metro area at venues including the 9:30 Club, Fletchers, Phantasmagoria, and the Sidebar. They've also shared the stage with such national acts as Flogging Molly, the Gadjits, the Pietasters, the Pilfers, the Skatalites, the Slackers, the Toasters, and more.

These guys have also been dubbed DC's working class ska band because of their hard work and dedication in bringing ska music to the masses and keeping the DC ska scene alive. In conjunction with, the Ratchet Boys formed Rude In DC Productions, a production company setting up monthly sell-out shows at the Corner Kick in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Bring your dancin' shoes and sweet tooth, the Ratchet Boys will bring the energetic music and donuts!

The Ratchet Boys are:
-Dan Hess - vocals
-Bobby Bobson - percussion, backing vocals
-Alex Fine - lead guitar
David "Spoonboy" Combs - rhythm guitar
Drew Clive - drums
Doug Witt - bass
Erik Halverson - trombone
-Brian Paska - tenor sax
-Karl Kuhn - alto sax, keys

Received 7 Awards in 2001
-Band of the Year
-Song of the Year for "Blue Balls"
-Guitarist of the Year
-Show of the Year
-Flier Art of the Year
-Percussionist of the Year
-Horn Player of the Year

Received 6 Award nominations in 2001:
-Live Act of the Year
-Vocalist of the Year
-Horn Section of the Year
-Drummer of the Year
-Bassist of the Year
-Keyboardist of the Year

Recieved 2001 WAMMY nomination for lead ska vocalist


The Ratchet Boys, P.O. Box 341, Rockville, MD 20848
Booking: Dan Hess,
Bob Mezewski,

Michelle Chin,


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